The Returns

Will I hear from the resident I sponsor?

LIFEgivers will only hear from residents from the main campus. Orchard Project individuals are from sensitive areas and connections to the West are potentially dangerous. During the year LIFEgivers will receive a greeting from sponsored residents at the main campus. Throughout the year our communications department includes stories about the Flower Families. LIFEgivers may read about the families as articles appear.

Can I write to the resident I sponsor?

Yes! They love to receive short letters in simple English, and photos. They proudly show others their letter from their LIFEgiver Sponsor in the US. All correspondence to individuals must be made through the Mukti Mission US office and NOT directly to the Mission or the individual. You will receive Progress Reports including pictures of the resident, and you will receive greetings from those you sponsor at other times during the year. You may, if you desire, send a picture of yourself and it will be placed on the door of their personal locker. This enables them to know their prayer sponsor.

Occasionally ‘Skype’ type calls can be arranged with your resident (if they speak enough English).

Will the resident write back?

Residents love to receive letters, but for most, it is not possible to write back in English since they speak Marathi. Although taught English as a subject in high school, many are not fluent or confident enough to speak or write it. Many of the children’s House-mothers do not know sufficient English to help the children answer letters.