What is a LIFEgiver?

It Starts With You


Becoming a LIFEgiver is a worthy investment! As a LIFEgiver you are investing directly in...

What is a LIFEgiver?

A LIFEgiver is someone who supports a resident or staff worker at Pandita Ramabai Mukti...

What’s Next?

As a new LIFEgiver, you are beginning an exciting adventure of sponsorship for a resident...


worth every dollar

Stories of LIFEgiving

How LIFEgivers Help

A Living Miracle

"One night, Raju* woke in the thick dark to find his face smothered and chest crushed under suffocating pressure, apparently due to a demonic attack. Terrified, he groped in the darkness, grappling with the unseen force...."

Rooted in Jesus

"The circus holds few advantages for women in India. Authorities in the circus can misuse and abuse women over and again. Unhappily, a circus performer is what Anish’s* mother was. A ‘Good Samaritan’ woman was..."