Rooted in Jesus

The circus holds few advantages for women in India. Authorities in the circus can misuse and abuse women over and again. Unhappily, a circus performer is what Anish’s* mother was. A ‘Good Samaritan’ woman was instrumental in rescuing her from this profession and Anish came to the Mukti Home when he was just five years old.

His mother remarried and had hoped to take back her son and care for him. But she never came back even to see him. Although he has experienced deep disappointments and feelings of rejection, Anish keenly loves Jesus and prays fervently for his mother.

Wonderfully, Anish came to know Jesus at a young age at the Home, although his mother was staunchly non-Christian. Now 12, Anish’s faith has blossomed and he knows he wants to be a pastor when he grows up. Please pray that Anish’s faith will hold strong as he progresses through his teenage years and that he will continue to listen to the Lord and His Word and make wise decisions.

*Names changed for privacy and security. Images representative.