What can a LIFEgiver Expect from Mukti Mission US (MMUS)?

When an individual or group (church, etc.) sponsors a Mukti resident they can expect the following as a Mukti LIFEgiver from MMUS:

  • Upon registering, the Mukti LIFEgiver will receive a welcome packet.
  • Welcome letter
  • Picture of the resident
  • Guidelines for prayer
  • Guidelines for involvement
  • Financial arrangements
  • Three specific mailings from the resident each year.
  • Card signed by the resident (Christmas or other)
  • Photo of the resident during the year in some activity
  • Progress report on the resident
  • The Mukti LIFEgiver will be included in MMUS mailings.
  • Mukti Magazine tri-annual mailing
  • MuktiMoments monthly email