How long do I need to sponsor the resident?

Those under Mission care need a LIFEgiver for the entire time they are dependent on Mukti Mission. We encourage LIFEgivers to be involved for the long haul. Many LIFEgivers are helping their sponsored resident for over 10 years and find it a blessing. The children need sponsorship until they marry or become self-supporting; wages for older girls who stay and work at Mukti or become part of the staff are also paid from these funds. Staff workers, of course, need financial assistance for as long as they are involved in the ministry at Mukti. If circumstances change, and a LIFEgiver finds it necessary to discontinue their sponsorship, please notify Mukti Mission US.

What happens when the resident I sponsor leaves Mukti Mission?

LIFEgivers will be notified if their sponsored resident leaves the Mission for any reason and match another resident to the LIFEgiver for continuing sponsorship.