Can I write to the resident I sponsor?

Yes! They love to receive short letters in simple English, and photos. They proudly show others their letter from their LIFEgiver Sponsor in the US. All correspondence to individuals must be made through the Mukti Mission US office and NOT directly to the Mission or the individual. You will receive Progress Reports including pictures of the resident, and you will receive greetings from those you sponsor at other times during the year. You may, if you desire, send a picture of yourself and it will be placed on the door of their personal locker. This enables them to know their prayer sponsor.

Occasionally ‘Skype’ type calls can be arranged with your resident (if they speak enough English).

Can I send them a gift?

LIFEgivers may send a monetary gift with regular support to the Mukti Mission US office for birthdays. We recommend not more than US$10. This is a sizable amount in Indian Rupees. Birthday or Christmas gift money is pooled so that each resident, some of whom don’t have sponsors, will receive a gift. This avoids conflict and enables all to share equally in the blessings. LIFEgivers MAY NOT send packages. Not only may items be confiscated by Indian Customs, but the Mission could be in danger of appearing to receive contraband goods. At NO time may LIFEgivers send money directly to India. It is a punishable offense in India to receive money through the mail. All money clearly marked “Birthday/Christmas gift” will be forwarded 100% to Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission, India.